Welcome to Da Vinci Entertainment, a creative forum for showcasing the writing and publishing of unique books primarily about Leonardo Da Vinci. Our mission is to entertain, educate and inspire people to share our fascination with the Renaissance Man. 

We embarked on that educational journey with the creation of Leonardo Da Vinci—The Boy Who Loved Circles which introduces readers to one of the greatest, most gifted artists and inventors of all time. Leonardo became fascinated by circles at a very young age, and circular shapes became important elements in his artistic endeavors and in many of his inventions.  

"There is no better introduction of the great Da Vinci to young people than David Eastis' Leonardo Da Vinci--The Boy Who Loved Circles!"   Martin Sheen, celebrated actor, director and champion for social justice

“What a great book, what an achievement. What a man! Viva!”   Ed Asner, winner of 7 Emmy Awards—a record for a male performer. Former President, Screen Actors Guild and recipient of the Life Achievement Award

Leonardo Da Vinci—The Boy Who Loved Circles describes Leo's childhood fascination with the natural wonders of the world, and how his innate curiosity prompted him to discover and learn. Through adolescence and young adulthood, Leonardo applied his developing artistic talents in illustrating his groundbreaking concepts in  mathematics, geometry, architecture, engineering, energy transfer, astronomy and other scientific pursuits — all with a playful, imaginative, insightful focus on circularity.  Leonardo Da Vinci—Man of Circles will continue the story with a unique view of artistic masterpieces like the Mona Lisa, the Last Supper, Salvator Mundi and groundbreaking inventions.

"I may be partial after immersing myself in all things Leonardo da Vinci for two years, however, Leonardo has the power of three Harry Potters, and the inventions, adventures, history, palace intrigue, innovations and mega orbits with circularity to blow the mind," says author David Eastis. "All true without need for any hype or fiction." 

“We are delighted that this book tells the story of Leonardo Da Vinci in such an enchanting way. Our favorite son, Leonardo Da Vinci and his brilliance come alive on these pages”.   Giuseppe Torchia, Mayor of Vinci, Italy

“As an educator, I’m always looking for ways of making learning more fun and meaningful for young people.  This author certainly does that in this well written and illustrated book.”  Lillian Barna, former Superintendent of Schools, San Jose, Albuquerque and Tacoma.

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Da Vinci Entertainment also is the publisher of the first 7-themed book   https://www.the7book.com  exploring the mystical and far-reaching influence of the number 7. We additionally orchestrate the In Love With Italy website https://www.inlovewithitaly.com , which celebrates Italian culture, history and incomparable places to visit. 

Da Vinci Entertainment is dedicated to coalescing a community of creative authors, artists, inventors, historians, musicians, actors, singers, composers, film directors, screenwriters and videographers from the San Francisco Bay Area, Italy and other places to produce expressive literature, art, music and more. The works we have produced thus far are but a harbinger of the cultural and artistic creations that are now in various stages of development and production. Please return to this site often as we put our plans in motion and unveil exciting new contributions inspired by Leonardo, the man who so masterfully fused the arts and the sciences.

Viva Leonardo Da Vinci!


We are proud to help debut Maria Sofia Parisi,  the talented, young singer from Italy  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCydG6IdFFDr87JBa-BouUrw

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